Hier haben Sie 3 Flashgames zum Spielen für zwischendurch, falls Sie mal Langeweile haben.


The aim of the game is to keep the ball up in the air for as long as you possibly can.
Your Mouse.

This is one seriously addictive game.

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Keep Ups 2:
How long can you keep a soccer ball up in the air? Test your soccer skills and try to achieve the highest score!This is a highly addictive game that tests your soccer skills and reflexes. The aim is to try and keep a soccer ball in the air for as long as you can. Kick the ball up and prevent it from falling on to the ground.

Try to have as many keep-ups as possible to increase your score. If you manage to get a high score then submit your score into the high score table and assess your world wide ranking!

Left Click on the ball to kick it upwards, before it touches the ground. The ball bounces back from the side walls, so be cautious or you’ll miss it. Have fun with Keep-Ups 2!!!

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